E5 RCS Technology optimized to increase impact resistance, improve abrasion resistance, improve gloss and reduce the maintenance of concrete where the substrate will become the finished floor.

Specifically designed for concrete slabs that will become the finished floor, E5 DiamaCure is a silicate free, integral admixture that increases the impact and abrasion resistance of concrete while reducing shrinkage related warping and curling. E5 RCS Technology increases pozzolanic reactivity to form permanent, insoluble bonds in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC).

E5 DiamaCure is batched into the concrete at the ready- mix plant providing a hard, dense, and durable concrete surface ready for service. Additional burnishing, grinding, honing or polishing can be performed where desired. E5 DiamaCure internally dust-proofs, densifies, hardens, and cures concrete, eliminating the need for both topical densifiers and traditional curing operations.

E5 DiamaCure is designed to significantly improve the performance, extend the service life and reduce the upkeep and maintenance of exposed concrete finished flooring surfaces


  • Improved Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • Internally Densifies Concrete
  • Improves FF/FL Retention
  • Concrete Surface is Dense and Reflective
  • No Traditional Curing Required


  • Reduces Maintenance and Extends Service-Life
  • Eliminates Need for Topical Densifiers
  • Reduces Control Joint Issues
  • Can be Polished, Burnished, or Left Exposed
  • Immediate Access to Slab Minimizes Disruption