E5 RCS Technology facilitates Portland Cement reduction up to 15% and eliminates the use of SCM’s like fly ash, slag or silica fume in ready mix concrete.

E5 Liquid Fly Ash integral admixture is a silicate-free, liquid pozzolan replacement, employed in conjunction with an adjusted quantity of coarse and fine aggregates to maintain the concrete properties and volume of fly ash in the mix design. E5 LFA increases ultimate strength, improves workability and decreases permeability and efflorescence. The result is a more consistent high-quality, user friendly concrete regardless of geography, season or application.

E5 LFA is engineered to exacting standards to deliver predictable results every mix, unlike recycled fly ash materials which vary greatly in availability, cost, composition and quality. E5 LFA improves air quality and worker safety in the ready-mix plant, compared with inconsistent and more difficult to employ CCR (Coal Combustion Residue) alternatives.

E5 RCS Technology increases pozzolanic reactivity to form permanent, insoluble bonds in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC). E5 LFA reduces air entrainment issues commonly associated with fly ash use. Consistency in production and placement improve finish quality and extend the in-service life of concrete.


  • Engineered Liquid Admixture
  • Superior Concrete Finish-ability
  • Higher Pozzolanic Reactivity than Fly Ash
  • Promotes Secondary C-S-H Development
  • Up to 15% Cement Reduction


  • Predictable Performance
  • Improved Finish and Reduced Re-Work
  • Reduced Efflorescence
  • Increased Ultimate Strength
  • Environmentally Friendly, Lowers CO2 Contribution