Increase the workability of the concrete surface and maintain the slab surface harsh weather conditions without impacting the water/cement ratio.

E5 MiracleAid gives the finisher both immediate and post placement advantages to freshly placed concrete. Concrete surfaces treated with E5 MiracleAid reduce equipment drag, making troweling smooth and effortless. The result is less finisher fatigue, smoother finishes and dense concrete surfaces even when conditions are unfavorable. Increase the workability of the concrete surface using E5 MiracleAid without impacting the water/ cement ratio.

RCS™ Technology

E5 concrete systems employ patent-pending silicate free Reactive Co-polymerizing Solids to transform Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete (OPCC) at the nano-scale level to improve performance, function and longevity.

Features & Benefits

  • Lubricates for more efficient closing of the slab surface
  • Extends surface workability time significantly
  • Helps finishing under hot, dry, sunny & windy conditions
  • Facilitates easier finishing with silica fume and air-entrained concrete
  • Reduces operator fatigue and trowel wear

Environmental Benefits

  • Zero-VOC formula
  • Ships ready to use formula
  • No hazardous waste