E5 RCS Technology optimized to reduce moisture migration, control surface pH and improve the flatness and levelness of concrete where interior finished flooring will be installed.

Specifically designed for slabs to receive floor covering, E5 PermaCure is the first silicate free, integral concrete finishing system that controls moisture migration and surface pH while improving the flatness and levelness of concrete. E5 RCS Technology increases pozzolanic reactivity to form permanent, insoluble bonds in Portland Cement Concrete (PCC).

Highly reactive with E5 Internal Cure Admix, E5 PermaCure creates a pH stable and absorptive concrete surface, suitable for adhesion where porosity is required. E5 PermaCure has been formulated specifically for use with standard and light weight concrete where controlling moisture, pH and flatness for finished flooring is required.

E5 PermaCure is designed to compress the construction schedule and reduce costly change orders. Pro-actively manage moisture and pH to eliminate business disruption and loss of revenue.


  • Controls Moisture Migration
  • Controls Surface pH
  • Improves FF/FL retention
  • Concrete Surface is Absorptive
  • No Traditional Curing Required


  • Moisture Testing Not Required for Warranty
  • Prevents Alkalinity Related Adhesive Failures
  • Reduces Warping and Curling
  • Conforms to ASTM F3191-16
  • Immediate Access to Slab Minimizes Disruption