About RussTech, Inc

RussTech, Inc. is a Kentucky corporation supplying admixtures, surface products and raw materials to the construction industry.

From humble beginnings in 1967, RussTech has grown into a worldwide company and the industry leader in the manufacture of high quality admixture and construction products. Utilizing cutting edge technologies, extensive research and the highest quality raw materials, RussTech products are second to none.

Commitment to our customers is the driving force behind our highly motivated, professional staff and unparalleled technical asset group. Knowledge of construction products, exceptional quality and customer service are their primary responsibilities.

With two manufacturing facilities located in Louisville, KY, RussTech utilizes modern technologies and plant designs with stringent quality control guidelines and a well-trained, experienced, knowledgeable staff to ensure a consistent quality product. “We add the difference” with our high-quality products in the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors throughout North America as well as the rest of the world. Other high-quality products for the concrete construction industry manufactured by RussTech include form and surface retarders, curing and sealing compounds, evaporation retardants, water repellants, and other specialty products.

In addition to quality finished products world-wide, RussTech is also a key raw material supplier throughout the United States construction and agricultural industries. RussTech is the largest supplier of sodium glucoheptonate in the United States and is a primary manufacturer and distributor of major industrial chemicals such as calcium nitrite, calcium chloride and sodium thiocyanate.

Admixture Warranty

Admixtures carry a complete warranty with no disclaimers. RussTech will stand behind all products provided the true cause of any problem is fully researched and determined.

Product Technology

RussTech is an admixture supplier with a full line of the latest, greatest technology products for the following applications:

  • Air entraining/detraining admixtures
  • Mid-Range "finishing" water reducers
  • Polycarboxylate high-range water reducers
  • Freeze-resistant admixtures
  • Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures
  • Silica fume
  • Shrinkage-compensating admixtures
  • Integral water-repellent admixtures
  • Foaming agents for flowable fill
  • Hydration stabilizers
  • Masonry Products

Quality Control

RussTech incorporates only the highest quality raw materials that are available and has a comprehensive quality assurance program that guarantees consistently high-performing admixtures. Each raw material is screened when it enters the plant and is tested for solids level, pH, and specific gravity. Before each finished product leaves the reactor/mixing vessel, it is screened for the highest consistency and performance using the latest technology in evaluating chemical admixtures. Our lab coefficient of variation consistently exceeds an "excellent" rating based on ASTM Laboratory specifications.

Bulk Delivery

Tankers deliver finished products from the Louisville, KY manufacturing facility. Lead times are usually 1-3 days. Tanker drivers are courteous, genuinely respectful of your property, and are routinely the same drivers who will be familiar with your operation. Deliveries will be made during normal business hours whenever possible.

Testing Hardened Concrete

RussTech provides support to customers whenever needed, and has the capability to have petrographic examinations performed to determine the true cause of concrete problems or a failure. Assistance is also available with soluble chloride ion determinations in materials or concrete, shrinkage tests, and rapid chloride permeability testing.

Standard Deviation Reports

RussTech will prepare a professional statistical analysis report of concrete test specimen variability performance as per ACI 301.

Technical Service Representatives

A dedicated technical service representative will provide local support and direct service for all your needs. Listed below are the qualified professional representatives that will provide prompt technical or troubleshooting service with their respective years of industry experience:

  • Ed Heller - 32 years
  • Tom Swango - 25 years
  • Gary Russell - 23 years
  • Brian Harper - 22 years
  • Clay McMillan - 5 years

Total: 107 years industry experience

Admixture Equipment

Automated dispensing systems designed with the highest quality parts are interfaced into your batching computer to deliver the dependability and accuracy you have come to expect. All admixture systems are professionally installed with neatness and dependability.

Dispenser Service Representatives

RussTech employs 2 service representatives to install and maintain dispenser equipment in Kentucky and the surrounding area. Emergency service required on dispensers is performed in 24 hours or less when necessary.


The local technical service representative knows the specifying structural engineers in your market very well. He is currently promoting new products and making sure we are included in their specifications.

Customer Concrete Seminars

RussTech will provide a professional, informative presentation for your group to train personnel and educate customers or public relations on any concrete topic. Here are some examples:

  • Admixtures in Concrete
  • Cold Weather Concreting
  • Hot Weather Concreting
  • Troubleshooting Concrete Problems
  • Selling Specialty Mixes

Russtech Supports The Concrete Industry!

  • Gold Club Sponsor of KCA
  • ACI level 1 proctors
  • KCA Level II teachers for admixtures and surface products
  • Participation in regional concrete promotion groups
  • ACI member
  • Two past Presidents of ACI KY Chapter
  • Proud Sponsors of the Concrete Ball & Dayspring Foundation