RussTech PE-1

RussTech masonry admixtures are formulated to give manufactured concrete products better appearance and durability. Our products are specially formulated to enhance strength and improve cycle times.

RussTech PE-1 is a integral primary efflorescence preventative admixture for manufactured concrete products.

What is primary efflorescence?

Primary efflorescence is the result of alkaline salts which leach out from the cementitious mix upon evaporation of mix water within the first 30 days of the product being produced.

RussTech PE-1 is a 100% reactive admixture that provides initial resistance to primary efflorescence by reacting with the alkaline salts to form a very effective mineral binding network throughout the manufactured concrete units.


RussTech PE-1 is for use in:

  • Concrete Block (normal, medium, and lightweight)
  • Mortar
  • Pavers and paving stones


  • Inhibits water transmission through manufactured concrete units
  • Improves color trueness and consistency
  • Enhances texture
  • Controls & reduces primary efflorescence
  • Provides short term water repellency