RussTech masonry admixtures are formulated to give manufactured concrete products better appearance and durability. Our products are specially formulated to enhance strength and improve cycle times.

ES-2000 is a plasticizing admixture for concrete masonry and no slump concrete with extra swipe. ES-2000 is specially formulated for cost efficient production of masonry units. It has the ability to aid in the dispersion of cement particles to promote better early strengths. Masonry units manufactured using ES-2000 have a better appearance (medium to heavy swipe depending on materials) and are less abrasive on mold equipment.


ES-2000 may be used wherever increased and improved masonry production is required. It is particularly useful in:

  • Concrete Block
  • Concrete Brick
  • Dry-cast Concrete Pipe
  • Paving Stones
  • Specialty Landscape Units