RussTech anti-washout admixture is formulated to give the ready mix producer control over concrete placement in underwater conditions. Our product is specially formulated to generate a cohesive concrete mix that resisits washing out as it travels through water.

AWA-C61 is a water-soluble polymer that prevents the concrete from washing out in flowing water by dramatically increasing the cohesiveness and viscosity of the concrete mix during underwater concrete placements. AWA-C61 inhibits external water from blending with the plastic concrete and dramatically reduces washout of the cement mortar fraction.


  • Reduces washout and mass loss of the concrete mortar fraction
  • Reduces and may eliminate concrete bleed water
  • Dramatically increases the cohesiveness of the mix consistency
  • Reduces segregation in high water to cementitious and high slump mixes
  • Maintains normal setting characteristics
  • Can be introduced at the batch plant or jobsite
  • Dewatering costs are reduced and may be eliminated


  • All types of underwater placements where normal concrete or placing methods would result in large mass loss of concrete from washout
  • Highly fluid self-consolidating concrete mixes that require the use of a viscosity modifier to eliminate segregation
  • Mixes requiring reduction or elimination of bleed water