RussTech hydration stabilizing admixture is formulated to give the ready mix producer control over concrete set times in all conditions. Our product is specially formulated to control set time, enhance strength and give ready mix plants a way to stay compliant with local environmental regulations.

RUSSTECH RENU is a ready-to-use liquid solution manufactured to control the hydration process in Portland cement concretes and concrete wash water. This advanced set retarder coats the hydrating cement particles in the concrete and wash water, resulting in the suspension of the hydration chemical reaction. RUSSTECH RENU maintains the plasticity, slump, temperature, and postpones the set of the concrete for a predictable period of time. Eventually, the RUSSTECH RENU dosage is chemically consumed and normal hydration continues.


  • Concrete treated with RUSSTECH RENU will produce normal setting characteristics and improved ultimate compressive strength performance over conventional concrete
  • Provides a quality, profitable, and reliable method to treat returned concrete for reuse or hold (for a few hours) and then reuse on the same day
  • Reduces expensive disposal costs associated with returned concrete
  • Allows reuse of concrete wash water overnight or over a weekend in many situations
  • Reduces concrete wash water disposal
  • Reduces amount of concrete wash water needed and truck mixer washout
  • Reduces expensive disposal costs associated with concrete wash water
  • Permits long haul applications for extended haul times without slump loss
  • Provides extended truck discharge times
  • Controls peak temperature rise in the concrete
  • Reduces central mixer washout and washout water

Tech Notes