RussTech carries a full line of normal water reducing concrete admixtures. These products have been designed to enhance strength while reducing mix water.

LC-400CL is a normal setting multi-component admixture that interblends with Portland cement. It increases the cohesive power of hardened concrete by maximizing the cement particles ability to hydrate throughout the mortar matrix. The chemical reaction that occurs between LC-400CL and Portland cement results in improved strength, durability, finishability and overall appearance.


  • Improves the quality of concrete by decreasing water-cement ratio
  • Reduces water requirements of concrete by up to 12 percent
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength
  • Reduces cracking and shrinkage
  • Reduces surface bleeding
  • Provides superior finishability on all flatwork and pre-cast surfaces
  • Improves workability and finishability
  • Improves formed surfaces while reducing segregation
  • Improves pumpability of concrete
  • Accelerates set time and early strength gain; more than conventional water reducers
  • Increases relative durability-resists damage caused by freezing and thawing