The primary cause of shrinkage cracks in concrete is when the rate of evaporation approaches 0.20 lb./sq.ft./hr or higher. Use the Evaporation Calculator to predict when plastic shrinkage cracking will occur and when EVRT should be employed.

EVRT-C is a concentrated water-based evaporation retardant for concrete flatwork. EVRT-C reduces surface moisture evaporation in rapid-drying conditions (high temperature, low humidity, wind and direct sun).


EVRT-C, when applied over fresh concrete, creates a monomolecular film retarding the moisture loss from the concrete surface, allowing time for proper finishing and help in preventing plastic shrinkage of the concrete slab.


  • Concentrated formulation – Can be mixed one part EVRT-C to nine parts water.
  • Retains needed surface moisture in concrete slabs
  • Helps prevent plastic shrinkage cracks
  • Reduces crusting and stickiness, allowing easier troweling of the concrete surface. Promotes higher strength, more durable concrete by allowing lower slump concrete without the need for additional mix water to combat effects of evaporation
  • Allows additional time, when applying surface hardeners, to properly finish and later cure the slab
  • Allows easier finishing of polymer, fiber reinforced, or silica fume modified concrete mortar mixes
  • Effective for both inside and outside flatwork
  • Will not inhibit bonding of coatings nor alter the final color of the concrete