Russtech Surface Retarder

RUSSTECH SURFACE RETARDER is a concrete surface retarder designed to retard the initial set time of surface mortar to expose aggregate surfaces. RUSSTECH SURFACE RETARDER is a nonflammable, sprayable liquid designed for application to freshly placed, horizontal concrete surfaces. RUSSTECH SURFACE RETARDER’S special, organic formulation reacts with the cement in the surface mortar to delay initial set and remain workable for an extended period of time. When the concrete has hardened to approximately 1500 psi, the retarded mortar paste may be removed by flushing with a gentle stream of water and/or removed by scrubbing with a stiff brush.


RUSSTECH SURFACE RETARDER should be used to create exposed aggregate surfaces on sidewalks, roadways, patios, and exposed aggregate panels to enhance the architectural beauty and to achieve a more slip-resistant surface.