RussTech masonry admixtures are formulated to give manufactured concrete products better appearance and durability. Our products are specially formulated to enhance strength and improve cycle times.

RUSSTECH MORTARPEL-S is a unique multi-component, liquid water repellant admixture based on a new technology that exhibits superior performance verses conventional water repellents. When introduced into the mortar, RUSSTECH MORTARPEL-S provides long-lasting resistance to water penetration by reacting to form a very effective water repellant network throughout the masonry mortar. Polymeric admixtures are a proven technology and have earned a reputation for its ability to effectively prevent moisture from penetrating concrete masonry walls and masonry mortar. RUSSTECH MORTARPEL-S, when incorporated properly in concrete masonry mortar as part of a RUSSTECH WATERPEL-S masonry block system, will provide superior water repellency performance based on NCMA TEK 19, spray bar test and ASTM E514 wind driven rain test.


  • Less maintenance and moisture damage due to permanent water repellency
  • Less penetration at the surface reduces coats of paint required
  • Improves color trueness and consistency
  • Reduces mildew and mold growth
  • Enhances texture
  • Controls and reduces efflorescence


RUSSTECH MORTARPEL-S is an integral water-repellant system for use in Masonry Mortar