RussTech anti-washout admixture is formulated to give the ready mix producer control over concrete placement in underwater conditions. Our product is specially formulated to generate a cohesive concrete mix that resisits washing out as it travels through water.

VMA-758 is a viscosity modifying admixture (VMA) designed to enable the production of self-compacting concrete. When added to the mix, concrete treated with VMA-758 is more stable and resistant to segregation.


  • Increases the viscosity and cohesiveness of the concrete mix
  • Reduces concrete bleed water
  • Reduces segregation in high water-cementitious and high slump mixes
  • Aids in concrete mix stability with gap-graded aggregates
  • Can be introduced at the batch plant or jobsite
  • Enables the production of self-compacting concrete
  • Normal setting characteristics throughout the dosage range
  • Enhances the appearance of finished surfaces
  • Easy to dispense


  • Lean concrete mixes with minimum cementitious contents
  • Harsh concrete mixes containing gap-graded aggregates and manufactured sands
  • Highly fluid self-consolidating concrete mixes that require the use of a viscosity modifier to eliminate segregation.
  • Mixes requiring reduction or elimination of bleed water.