RussTech calcium nitrite corrosion inhibitor is a synthesized blend of purified calcium nitrite with a minimum actives content of 30%. RussTech RCI is formulated to give embedded steel the maximum protection from chloride ions to extend structures to their fullest service life.

RUSSTECH RCI is a calcium nitrite liquid corrosion-inhibiting admixture for concrete containing steel reinforcement. RUSSTECH RCI admixture chemically retards the onset of corrosion action of chlorides on reinforcing steel and will increase a structure’s service years. RUSSTECH RCI has a minimum of 30% calcium nitrite by mass, weighs approximately 10.6 lbs./gallon, and is exactly the same chemical makeup as other 30% calcium nitrite corrosion-inhibiting admixtures.


  • Extends the service years of reinforced concrete
  • Provides effective corrosion protection to the reinforcing steel in the concrete from the presence of chlorides (de-icing salts)
  • Offsets the corrosive effects of concrete ingredients that have exceeded normal chloride limits (admixed chlorides)
  • In cold weather, concrete setting times and strength development are accelerated without the incorporation and added cost of a non-chloride accelerator.
  • Aids in prevention of concrete from freezing at higher dosages
  • Calcium nitrite has a twenty two year history of testing and research on the successful effectiveness as a corrosion inhibitor in concrete


RUSSTECH RCI is an effective corrosion inhibitor for all types of steel reinforced concrete, including:

  • Precast, Post-Tension & Prestress applications
  • Parking Garages
  • Marine Structures
  • Bridge Decks
  • All projects that require corrosion protection from de-icing salts or chloride exposure