RussTech carries a full line of mid-range water reducing concrete admixtures. These products have been designed to enhance strength while reducing mix water.

FINISHEASE-NC is a liquid, multi-component water-reducing admixture for concrete designed to offer the following:

  • Superior workability and finishability
  • Increased durability
  • Increased compressive and flexural strength, both initial and ultimate
  • Lower water-cement ratio
  • Normal set times throughout whole dosage range
  • Non-chloride


  • Increased workability and finishability without extending set time; even in mixes with reduced amounts of cementitious materials
  • Reduced segregation of mix; even with very high slumps
  • Increased pumpability
  • Increased relative durability to freezing and thawing
  • Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork, walls, curb and tilt-up
  • Better retention of slump than conventional water-reducers


  • All concrete where ease of placement, normal set times, and increased workability are desired
  • All flatwork, curb mixes and walls
  • Compatible with a wide range of cements, fly ashes and aggregates
  • Provides concrete with lower permeability, little or no bleeding and greater workability at the surface.