RussTech masonry admixtures are formulated to give manufactured concrete products better appearance and durability. Our products are specially formulated to enhance strength and improve cycle times.

HYDENSE is a densifying and strength enhancing admixture for manufactured concrete units.

HYDENSE has the ability to aid in the dynamic dispersion of cement particles to promote better early strengths. Masonry units manufactured using HYDENSE are denser, have a better appearance and are less abrasive on mold equipment. HYDENSE Manufactured masonry units exhibit the maximum strength yield obtainable from the cement and pozzolan portion of the mix.


  • Less abrasion on manufacturing equipment
  • Maximum strength yield from cement and pozzolans
  • More aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • More dense and less absorptive manufactured units
  • Allows use of wetter aggregates
  • Low to medium swipe admixture


HYDENSE may be used wherever increased and improved masonry production is required. It is particularly useful in:

  • Concrete block (normal, medium & lightweight)
  • Concrete brick
  • Dry-cast concrete pipe
  • Paving stones
  • Specialty landscape units