RussTech pipe and dry cast admixture provides enhanced webbing and release while enhancing early strengths.

LSP-2000 is a highly concentrated plasticizer that is deigned for use in low slump concrete pipe production. LSP-2000 is formulated to produce a web on the concrete pipe that has a very smooth texture. LSP-2000 can be used in the production of other low slump concrete products (concrete block and roof tile) to achieve a medium to heavy swipe.

LSP-2000 is a ready to use liquid that improves workability while maintaining cohesiveness and achieves fuller hydration rates of the cement in low slump concrete mixes.


  • Improves the surface texture and web of the pipe
  • Increases early compressive strengths reduce
  • May allow reduced curing time
  • Reduces cull rates
  • Lubricates the mix causing less abrasion and wear on the mold parts
  • Mix compacts more easily and quicker
  • Color is more uniform
  • Batches are more consistent because mixing action is improved
  • Increased strengths may allow reduction of cement