RussTech Condensed Silica Fume (CSF)

RussTech Condensed Silica Fume (CSF) is manufactured from the highest grade silica fume and is used to produce ultra-high strength, high durability concrete. Consensed Silica Fume consists of highly reactive ultra-fine particles and contains 92% to 97% silicon dioxide and has an average specific gravity of 2.20. Other silica fumes, with lower amounts of silicon dioxide, may contain other unwanted elements and compounds such as carbon. Higher levels of carbon, as indicated by loss on ignition, darken concrete and can lead to problems with entrained air.


  • Improves the relative durability of concrete by lowering the permeability of the concrete significantly.
  • Increases early and ultimate strengths both compressive and flexural
  • Ultra-high strength concrete exceeding compressive strengths of 15,000 psi and 6,000,000 psi modulus of elasticity
  • Increases aggressive chemical resistance up to 15 times that of normal concrete
  • Increases Density
  • Reduces damage caused by freezing and thawing
  • Increases the abrasion resistance of the concrete
  • Reduces surface bleeding
  • Effective corrosion inhibiting system that resists the ingress of water-born salt contaminants (de-icing salts or marine salts)
  • Reduces segregation