What is Sealer?

RussTech SEALERS are both breathable and membrane forming. SEALERS are applied when the concrete requires excellent resistance to salt and waterborne contaminants. SEALERS are designed to give the customer the option of a durable glossy or matte finish and can even resist oil penetration. Your local RussTech representative can recommend the right product for your application. SEALERS should never be applied over any other concrete coatings.

Why Seal?

Concrete sealers are used on concrete to close up the pores in the concrete surface so it will resist water, de-icing salts, and other aggressive chemicals. Sealers are often used to prevent soiling, resist staining, facilitate the ease of cleaning, brighten concrete colors and exposed aggregates, and produce a water resistant surface. Sealers may also be used to dustproof concrete surfaces. Superior quality sealers usually consist of pure forms of acrylic resin that are non-styrenated and non-yellowing. Quality concrete sealers will last three to five years and require minimal maintenance.