RussTech carries a full line of accelerating concrete admixtures. These products have been specifically designed to increase early strengths and maintain normal set times during cold weather concrete placements.

LCNC-166 is a multi-component, chloride-free, water-reducing accelerator for concrete. It promotes higher early and ultimate strengths; especially in concrete exposed to temperatures below freezing. Concrete placed in colder weather with LCNC-166 is able to maintain normal set times without the introduction of chloride-bearing components.


  • Can be used year round for higher and earlier strength gain
  • Concrete subject to chloride ion constraints
  • Concrete bridge decks and prestressed concrete repair
  • Concrete subject to ambient temperatures as low as 20 F (-7 C)
  • Prestressed concrete and concrete over metal decking and roof systems
  • Pre-cast, site cast, and all other steel reinforced concrete


  • Aids in prevention of concrete from freezing at higher dosages
  • Promotes earlier setting finishing, and strength gain
  • Earlier use of structural concrete
  • Faster stripping and reuse of forms
  • Improves cohesiveness and plasticity which aids in avoiding honeycombing
  • Increases early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths
  • Provides earlier finishing of slabs
  • Provides superior finishability on all flatwork and pre-cast surfaces
  • Reduces protection time required in cold weather